Parents' Night Out Registration Form
Ages 1 and up
High Street United Methodist Church
Friday, March 1st, 2019, 6-9 pm
(Registration Deadline is Thurs, Feb 28th, 5pm)

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By checking this box, I assume any risk of harm or injury which might occur to the participant in the event or activity. I release High Street United Methodist Church, its ministries, or volunteers from all liability, costs and damages which might arise from participation in the above activity. I agree that the above child may participate in Parent's Night Out. I further provide my consent to seek emergency treatment for the minor if necessary. I agree to accept financial responsibility for the costs related to the emergency treatment. I also agree that any photos, videos or statements of the above child taken during the event may be used for any and all promotional purposes by High Street United Methodist Church.

By checking this box, my child understands that if his/her behavior becomes problematic, he/she may be sent home at the discretion of the adult volunteers.